Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence

Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa Family Justice Centers

Supporting the development of collaborative multi-service center(s) for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, and human trafficking and their families. Working face-to-face in the same location allows agencies to serve and advocate for clients quickly and directly; eliminates redundancies, improves coordination and helps people in crisis find hope, safety and healing through a single door. Contra Costa’s approach represents a new way of doing business in creating a violence-free future countywide. Zero Tolerance is developing the first regional approach and establishing Family Justice Centers (FJC) throughout the County. This work cuts across regional differences to support a connected model and is the first time in the nation that FJCs are networked and supported at a countywide level.

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Contact: Susun Kim (510) 965-4949;